【哈利波特:魔法覺醒 巫師雙人業餘賽 | Yesports | 羈絆的考驗 | 台港澳區】

經過上次哈利波特個人賽熱烈的反應🎉🎊Yesports 將於2月24日 至 2月26日 舉辦 《巫師雙人業餘賽》。相信羈絆的力量🤝會在比賽當中發揮奇蹟的效果!




報名截止日期: 2022年2月22日 (23:59 HKT)


比賽報名連結: https://www.yesports.info/

比賽Discord連結: https://discord.gg/cBXANsrEFQ

*(參賽者必需進入 Discord 進行報到)


1. 請至Yesports的賽事系統上進行報名

2. 參加者必須先成為Yesports會員,填寫 遊戲名稱、參賽ID、個人資料、聯繫方式(Discord ID, 電話號碼)

3. 一名選手僅限一次參賽資格,請勿重複報名,如查證重複報名屬實則立即禁賽。

4. 選手參賽時請使用報名填寫之帳號與本人進行賽事,如發現代打行為則立即禁賽


冠軍: 合共5,780 寶石 (每位選手各有2890寶石)

亞軍: 合共1,910寶石 (每位選手各有955寶石)

季軍: 合共 1,440寶石 (每位選手各有720寶石)

比賽規則:2打2比賽: 雙人賽

報名人數: 64隊 (報名人數到達上限時,後續參加者將作為候補席)

比賽賽制: 單敗淘汰制 (64強 至 季軍 BO3, 決賽 BO5)

征服制: 在同一局比賽, 該回合勝利的迴響組合不能在下回合使用, 失敗的一方則可以

比賽模式: 平衡模式 (平衡模式下所有卡片都均為10等)


允許觀戰 : 禁止

對戰地圖 : 最強巫師 (雙人)

平衡模式: 開啟

迴響禁用 卡牌禁用: 沒有*

The 19th ASIAN GAMES Hangzhou 2022

Arena of Valor
Asian Games Version


Dream Three Kingdoms 2

branded soccer games


League of Legends

PUBG Mobile

Asian Games Version
Street Fighter V

As global esports talents of all types of games have been striving to perfect their skills for preparation of any international competitions, Yesports (https://yesports.asia/) mandates are to provide linkage and the required skill sets for these talents to participate in these global events for testing their skills, to gain Fame & Fortune as a result!

There are 40 sports including swimming, archery, athletics, badminton, basketball, boxing, etc., with 61 disciplines being covered at The 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 in September 2023 in Hangzhou, China. Esports will also be an official medal competition in the 19th Asian Games (the “Event”) for the first time. There is a total of 8 medal items for the 8 esports games category (the “Games”) to be competed including Hearthstone, PUBG Mobile (Asian Games version), League of Legends, FIFA Online 4, Street Fighter V, Arena of Valor (Asian Games version), Dota 2 and Dream Three Kingdoms 2.

The International Esports Talents Booster Program (the “Program”) will be launched soon with the objectives of assisting those international gamers interested in addressing this opportunity of possible participation in the Event as contestant or candidate.

Program Highlights

Yesports will co-organize the International Esports Talents Booster Program, a 5-day intensive program, to prepare those participating talents for the Event. Talents participating in the Program (and/or excel in the final contests of the Program) may have the opportunity to represent Hong Kong, China to participate in the Event, subject to the satisfaction of the Asian Games and related qualifying entities. The final winners, hopefully through this process, can showcase their skills and profiles on an international scale and access to potential prize pool of millions, not to mention that the Asian Games Award is being perceived as having a similar status as that of Olympic Games.