【Chris Wong以毫厘之差惜敗屈居亞軍 創香港街霸史上最佳成績】

《街霸 6》首個Capcom Cup X 的十六強至總決賽在今日 (美國時間2月25日下午,香港時間2月26日上午)火熱展開🔥!我們Yesports旗下選手 ChrisWongisgood在決賽中再戰選手UMA,雙方勢均力敵,來回以一分之差緊咬對方!Chris Wong在連追三局後以些微之差被對方拿下,與一百萬美金獎金💰失之交臂,但仍無阻CW為香港街霸、電競圈寫下歷史✍🏻,成為首位闖入Capcom Cup X並榮獲亞軍的香港人!👍

Chris Wong作為一名上班族,每天只能依靠下班後的時間磨練技術,幸好能遇上一眾好手與他一起練習,加上自律及良好的心理質素才能打出水平,闖入決賽,勇奪亞軍🥈!我們在此亦恭喜冠軍UMA和所有獲得佳績的伙伴們~💯🎉

相信Chris Wong的拼戰精神已鼓舞不少香港電競圈的朋友,為香港電競爭氣💪,而Yesports一直致力於為職業電競選手提供支援和資源,希望未來我們能為更多想投身香港電競的有志之士提供機會,期待有更多的新星能在未來的比賽中嶄露鋒芒、再創佳績,為香港電競圈贏得更多榮譽,向社會傳遞電競正向價值!🙌

(圖片來源:Capcom Cup X Official Live Streaming)

【Yesports Player Chris Wong Won 2nd Place in Capcom Cup X | Achieving Best Result in the History of Hong Kong Street Fighter】

The top 16 to the grand finals of the first Capcom Cup X in Street Fighter 6 kicked off today (February 25th in the United States, February 26th in Hong Kong) with great excitement! Our Yesports player Chris Wong faced off against UMA in the finals, and the two players were evenly matched. After a series of close matches, Chris Wong was defeated by a slight margin, missing out on the one million dollar prize but still making history as the first Hong Kong player to enter Capcom Cup X and secure the runner-up position!

As an office worker, Chris Wong could only practice his skills after work. Fortunately, he had the opportunity to train with skilled players and his discipline and strong mental qualities allowed him to perform at a high level, making it to the finals and securing the runner-up position! We would also like to congratulate the champion UMA and all the gamers who have achieved good results~

We believe Chris Wong’s fighting spirit has inspired many friends in the Hong Kong esports community, bringing glory to Hong Kong esports. Yesports has always been committed to providing support and resources for professional esports players, hoping to provide opportunities for more aspiring individuals to join the Hong Kong esports scenes in the future. We look forward to seeing more rising stars shine in future competitions, bringing more honor to the Hong Kong esports community and promoting the positive values of esports to society!

(Photo Source:Capcom Cup X Official Live Streaming)