【Yesports全力贊助《街霸》選手 Chris Wong】

隨住電競喺香港嘅發展愈趨蓬勃,愈來愈多人都希望一嘗追夢滋味,成為電競選手。 Yesports Master Club 電競人才總會自成立以來,一直致力培育香港電競人才,為香港電競選手提供各種資源支持,例如場地、贊助、訓練等,增加選手去參加國際電競比賽及電競活動的機會和和資格,例如亞運會,及其他世界性賽事。

今日, Yesports 隆重宣佈將全力支持《街霸》選手 Chris Wong!Chris Wong喺《街霸》曾參加不同嘅比賽並取得將項,如:2016 Capcom Pro Tour 亞洲線上賽亞軍、TWF Open Series – World Warrior 亞洲東部賽4 亞軍同TWF Open Series – World Warrior 亞洲東部賽 1(7月)亞軍等等,佢上星期(1/5)更係深圳嘅2023 FightClub格鬥競技場勇奪亞軍。


本港電競發展之路,任重而道遠,Yesports將秉持住電競初心繼續前行。如果你對電競滿腔熱忱,歡迎你加入Yesports Master Club (香港電競人才總會),我地一齊努力,一齊進步!

Since the development of esports industry has become vigorous, esports has become the official medal item in Asian Games this year. More and more people want to chase their dreams to be esports pro players. Yesports Master club always commits to cultivating Hong Kong esports talents, providing Hong Kong esports players with various resources and support, such as, venue, sponsorship, training, etc, aiming to assist Hong Kong esports talents to join more international esports events, such as, Asian Games, or other worldwide tournaments.

We are glad to announce that Yesports is going to fully support and sponsor the Street Fighter Player – Chris Wong. Chris Wong has participated in different tournaments and won many titles: 1st Runner Up of Capcom Pro Tour Online 2016 Asia,

1st Runner Up of The TWF Open Series- World Warrior – Asia East 1

1st Runner Up of The TWF Open Series- World Warrior – Asia East 4.

And, he won 1st Runner Up of 2023 FightClub in Shenzhen a week ago.

We hope that they can work hard and carry on, improve themselves, and unleash their potentials in the world arena, especially in Asian Games, and fight for Hong Kong.

The development of esports in Hong Kong has been with lots of hardship. However, we still exert all efforts to strive and move on. If you love esports, come and join Yesports Master Club! Be better, together!