貝鈞奇SBS BBS MH出任電競人才總會名譽主席

香港電競人才總會(Yesports Master Club)欣然宣佈,貝鈞奇先生將出任電競人才總會名譽主席。貝先生將為香港及全球電競選手及青少年發展帶來嶄新的活力和深刻的見解,引領中國香港乃至全球電競產業邁向新的里程碑。


電競人才總會(Yesports Master Club)作為全球最大的電競人才庫之一,高度認可貝先生在傳統體育領域的卓越營運能力和領導力,希望藉著貝先生擔任名譽主席的角色,為中國香港及全球電競行業作出貢獻,特別是在培養和支持中國香港的年輕人才,   向世界展示他們的形象和技能。


關於Yesports Master Club

Yesports Master Club(香港電競人才總會)為電競選手(包括職業和業餘)提供了一個樞紐和聯盟,區域涵蓋中國香港、乃至亞洲其他國家、中東、非洲等地,以最大限度地提升他們在電子競技中的職業發展,包括參加 Yesports電競人才大賽以及其他世界大賽,並展示他們的技術。

Yesports Master Club(香港電競人才總會)的願景:

  • 促進電競文化和歡迎各領域人才的加入;
  • 為電競選手提供全球福利和發展機會 ;
  • 提高電競選手的生活水準和社會地位;
  • 為電競產業和青年發展方面做出貢獻,尤其在中國香港地區。

更多關於Yesports Master Club的資訊,請瀏覽官網:www.yesportsmasterclub.com


超人媒體有限公司 “Yesports Media Limited”(下稱“Yesports”)是一家立足香港、覆蓋全球的領先電子競技集團,涵蓋活動和賽事、人才管理、在線教育、遊戲/遊戲用品類電子商務、區塊鏈服務等全產業鏈運營。

Yesports旨在提供一個 「電子競技+社交媒體+娛樂」的平臺,展示人才的技能,並將人才與企業、贊助商和市場連接起來,以實現經濟效益最大化。有關Yesports電競比賽或其他活動的更多資訊,請關注Yesports的社交媒體:



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Ms. Charlie Mak    電話: +852 6765 3310   電郵: [email protected]    

Mr. Tiger Tiu          電話: +852 9140 7883   電郵: [email protected]

Appointment of Mr. Pui Kwan Kay SBS BBS MH As Honorary Chairman of Yesports Master Club

Yesports Master Club (“YMC”) is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Pui Kwan Kay as the Honorary Chairman of YMC. Mr. Pui will bring great vitality and insights to the esports development for all the Hong Kong and Global esports gamers and youths, also to achieve new milestone for the Hong Kong and global esports industry.

Mr. Pui Kwan Kay is a highly respected leader in both Hong Kong and international sports with active participation in public services. He is currently the President of The Football Association of Hong Kong China, President of the Hong Kong China Bodybuilding and Fitness Association, Life Honorary President of the MuayThai Association of Hong Kong China, Vice President of the Hong Kong Sports Press Association, President of The Judo Association of Hong Kong China, President of The Hong Kong Chinese Importers’ & Exporters’ Association, HKSAR Election Committee Member, Honorary Vice-President of the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong China, to name just a few.  He has also served as a Trustee of Hon Wah Educational Organization, offering knowledge sharing and support through education with the younger generation.

Yesports Master Club, being one of the largest global esports talents pools, highly recognizes Mr. Pui’s operational excellence and leadership in traditional sports, intends to bank on Mr. Pui’s role as the Honorary Chairman to advance contributions to both the Hong Kong and global esports industry, especially to cultivate and foster Hong Kong China young talents to showcase their profile and skills to the World.

We look forward to joining hands with Mr. Pui Kwan Kay to accomplish the above objectives with splendid success.

About Yesports Master Club (“YMC”)

YMC provides a hub for fellow esports players (both professional and amateur) in Hong Kong and other countries in Asia, Middle East, Africa, etc. to maximize their career developments in the esports industry, including but not limited to fostering their participation in both our own IP and other major tournaments to be held all over the World.


• Promote esports culture and the participation of various players

• Provide global benefits and development opportunities for gamers

• Improve the living standards and social status of esports athletes

• Contribute to the development of the esports industry, especially in Hong Kong SAR, China.

For more information about Yesports Master Club, please visit the official website:


About Yesports Group (“Yesports”)

Yesports is a Hong Kong based leading global esports group offering a full value chain operations covering tournaments, events, talents management, online education, ecommerce of games/games supplies, blockchain based services etc.

Yesports strategy is to provide a “Esports + Social media + Entertainment” platform showcasing talents’ skills and connecting talents to the corporates, sponsors and markets to maximize economic impact. For more information about YESPORTS’s e-sports competitions or other activities, please follow YESPORTS’ social media:



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Ms. Charlie Mak       Tel: +852 6765 3310     Email: [email protected]

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