Establish the strongest backing for e-sports in Asia

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February 7, 2019

YYes! E-Sports Asia Holdings Limited (“YEAH” or the “Company”), an Asian E-Sports tournament hub pioneer, today announced its launch of YEAH Asia League (the “League”) – a Pan-Asia E-Sports Leader Development Initiative to kick start in 2019. The YEAH Asia League will develop a series of E-Sports tournaments and festivals across Asia, to promote E-Sports, to recruit talented players and properly groom and develop their gaming abilities to becoming professional gamers.

Established in October 2018, YEAH is 60% owned by Capital Creation (BVI) Limited (“CCBVI”), owner of Pan Asian O2O platform Yes Master! which was co-founded by Mr Timothy Shen and Ms Vivien Lai, and 40% by NGCH Hong Kong Limited (“NGCHHK”), a wholly owned subsidiary of the NIRAKU GC HOLDINGS, INC. (Hong Kong stock code: 1245), a leading pachinko operator in Japan. YEAH aims to provide a horizontal e-sports platform, focusing on the Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia markets. YEAH will also seek to promote e-sports in the Pan-Asia region.

It is YEAH’s vision to create a proprietary “e-sports + Entertainment” platform, to ride on the rapidly expanding e-sports market worldwide, particularly in the Pan-Asia region. A series of pre-launch press conferences and receptions will kick off in Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Tokyo during December 2018, to introduce YEAH Asia League to the local players and supporters, with the 2019 tournament and event calendar to be announced during January 2019.

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