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    Posted by cuong on 2024-02-27 at 11:47 pm

    How to Play Football Betting Without Losing

    Football online sports betting site has always been one of the most favored forms of entertainment. There are many reputable bookmakers in the market for you to choose from, such as Sky88, K8, Fun88… However, winning is not a simple task. Today, we will share with you some ways to increase your chances of winning when betting on football.

    Wintips is currently the most reputable football betting platform, so many people choose it as their betting destination. Therefore, we will guide you on how to view Wintips sports betting odds fully and accurately. By applying these methods, you can easily view odds.

    Things You Need to Know When Viewing Wintips Sports Betting Odds

    To easily view Wintips sports betting odds, you need to understand the parameters in the bookmaker’s odds table. Specifically, you need to understand the following in the odds table:

    In the odds table, the home team will be listed above, while the away team will be listed below.

    The team names in red are the favorites, while those in black are the underdogs.

    If both teams are in black, they are evenly matched.

    FT: This represents the odds for the entire match (excluding extra time).

    1H: This represents the odds for the first half of the match.

    The bookmaker will also offer many types of odds in the odds table, so you need to know the symbols for each type. Specifically:

    Asian Handicap odds will be indicated as HDP.

    Over/Under odds will be indicated as O/U.

    1X2 odds in the odds table will be indicated as 1X2.

    Guide to Viewing Wintips Sports Betting Odds

    As mentioned above, when betting on football at Wintips, there will be many different odds for you to choose from. However, there are only three main types of odds that you need to pay attention to if you are new to betting. Therefore, we will guide you on how to view Wintips sports betting site with free bet odds for these three types of odds.

    Asian Handicap Odds

    Asian Handicap, or Handicap, is an odds where the favorite team gives a certain handicap to the underdog. This handicap reflects the strength of the two teams before the match. The higher the difference in strength, the higher the odds will be, and vice versa. The bookmaker will also provide these odds before the match for you to base your bets on.

    Currently, there are popular handicaps such as a 0.25 handicap, a 0.5 handicap, a 0.75 handicap, a 1 handicap, etc. And each handicap has a different payout ratio.

    Viewing Wintips Sports Betting Odds for 1X2 Odds

    1X2 odds, also known as Match Odds, give you three options when betting. These are:

    Choose 1: If you predict the home team will win.

    Choose 2: If you predict the away team will win.

    Choose X: If you predict a draw between the two teams.

    Each option has a different payout ratio. Specifically, if you choose the favorite team to win, the payout ratio will be higher than if you choose the underdog to win.

    Online Football Betting

    Unlike traditional football betting, online football betting is a form where bettors wager their assets on football teams without the need for physical betting points. If you predict correctly, you will receive a reward, and vice versa.

    For beginners, this form may seem challenging. However, it is also an attractive aspect of the game. Currently, there are many bookmakers offering this form of betting. These forms of betting are also diverse and varied depending on each bookmaker.

    If you want to win and minimize unnecessary losses, you should learn and understand football betting. In other words, you need to know the quality free tips that experts often use. Follow our article below to learn more.

    Football Betting Tips That Every Expert Knows

    Football betting is an extremely exciting betting game at online bookmakers today. Long-time experts in this game often have their own online football betting tricks. These are crucial and necessary factors for these bettors to survive in the betting arena. So, what are these football betting tips? Let’s find out.

    Thoroughly Analyze Match Odds

    Analyzing football match odds is one of the most basic football betting tips. To win bets, you need to collect information on football matches and analyze this information accurately. There are two steps to successfully analyze odds:

    Step 1: Collect information about the two teams playing each other in the match. Consider the rankings of both teams on the league table.

    Normally, stronger teams will have higher rankings on the table than weaker teams.

    Then, choose the appropriate betting option for yourself.

    Step 2: Study the current form of the two football teams. The lineup includes who will play and who the key players are. Then analyze the goal-scoring performance of the key players of that team. This is the most trusted online football betting tip.

    If, after analyzing, the stronger team is the away team, choose the under bet, and the odds will range from half a goal to 1 goal. Such a small handicap means that the strengths of both sides are significantly different.

    Avoid Betting with the Crowd

    Another blood-curdling football betting tip is not to bet with the crowd. Always maintain your own perspective and stick to it.

    The appearance of a crowd betting the same way may be because you bet with an unreliable bookmaker. They may change the odds to distort the actual result of the match that has taken place.

    This is a very valuable experience that predecessors and experts have gained. When you see a crowd betting the same way, be cautious and make your own decision.

    Choose the Appropriate Betting Option

    In addition to making reasonable predictions, choosing the right betting option is extremely important in the betting tips that you cannot miss. Remember that betting websites have their own team of analysts. These analysts work day and night to analyze betting odds. Therefore, the results they provide can be trusted over 50%.

    If the stronger team plays away and the handicap odds range from half a goal to 1 goal, then betting on the underdog is the safest bet.

    If after analyzing, you feel that both teams are equally strong, then choose the draw option and the away team. Because the away team will surely do their best to get one point back.

    Monitor Bookmakers’ Odds Carefully

    One of the other football betting tips of experts is to monitor bookmakers’ odds. If you don’t want to be trapped by bookmaker scam odds or be deceived by odds, you need to pay close attention.

    Just like betting with the crowd, this is extremely necessary for you.

    Know How to Place Bets Correctly

    Placing bets correctly is always something that players need to do. Many new players make mistakes when analyzing betting odds.

    Analyze Both Football Teams

    To make accurate choices, you need to analyze both football teams thoroughly before the match. The information you need to know includes:

    The current form of both teams.

    The rankings in the tournament and which team is performing better.

    Head-to-head history which team has the advantage.

    The team’s situation from official players to injured players.

    The current match density which team has more matches, which team has enough energy before the match.

    Information about factors affecting the match outcome such as weather, field condition…

    Choose the Appropriate Betting Option

    After specific analysis, players proceed to choose the most effective betting option. All bookmakers have their own team of analysts, so you can completely rely on the odds fluctuations to make betting decisions.

    In cases where the favorite team plays away and the handicap odds do not exceed 1 goal, it is best to bet on the underdog.

    In cases where both teams are equally strong and the handicap is the same, choose the away team.

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