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  • “Street Fighter V: Champion Edition” Season 5 final new character “Luke”

    Posted by Ji Soo on 2021-11-30 at 11:27 am

    Produced by CAPCOM, the currently on sale battle fighting game “Street Fighter V: Champion Edition” (PS4 / PC), officially released the last new character in the 5th season update “Luke” on yesterday (11/29) ”

    “Luke” is a young man with a somewhat frivolous manner to fight with the comprehensive martial arts taught by the army. I usually like to play first-person and third-person shooting games, and like to play fighting as a game. But the nature is actually a serious person, constantly pursuing what is strong and what is the goal of his own battle. The feature is a fighting style dominated by boxing. The basic boxing attack has the characteristics of moving forward while making moves. It can also perform nirvana skills that can determine long-range attacks or press and hold the button to accumulate power to strengthen the power. His offense keeps approaching and oppressing opponents.

    The official release also released 3 sets of Luke’s costumes “Story”, “Battle Suit” and “Gym Suit” at the same time.

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