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    Posted by Ji Soo on 2021-11-30 at 11:37 am

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an action-adventure game which is developed and published by Nintendo. It was first released on the platform of Nintendo Switch and Wii U consoles in 2017. By 2021, it has sold nearly 24 million copies. And many cited that it is one of the greatest open-world games too. Breath of the Wild is part of the Legend of Zelda franchise and is set at the end of the Zelda timeline. Players control Link who awakens from a hundred-year slumber to defeat Calamity Ganon and save the kingdom of Hyrule.

    Players are able to explore the open world freely. The world is unstructured and designed to reward experimentation and the story can be completed in a nonlinear fashion. There are lots of features in this game that makes people think that it is one of the greatest games. It has a large map and open world for players to explore. The content on the map is enough for players to experience even the world is large. Even though the world is big, it still can focus on every detail on the map. For example, the views are extraordinary no matter in which environments. Usually an open-world game, developers will try to put many interesting buildings or things on the map in order to encourage players to explore the map. However, those things are repetitive while players play the game for a while already. In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, this situation never happens. Everything has its own unique purpose. That makes the maps and environments unique which also encourages players to spend more time to watch the view and explore it. Players need to find the tower by themselves which is not marked on the map. Usually, in this kind of process, players easily feel bored but this is not applied in this game as it has a perfect design on the map. It includes some of the puzzle challenges in the game and beautiful views. Those things always can shock players and provide a new image of the environment towards the players again and again.

    In the combat system, it provides freedom for players to deal with the enemies, for example, dodge and attack, Musou style attacking, and stealth attack. The environment can even be a helping hand for players to deal a ton of damage towards the enemies too. For instance, players can use fire to ignite their weapon in order to deal fire damage towards the enemies and ignite grass in order to provide an updraft for flying. Therefore, there are many combinations to use in the element system such as ice and fire. Furthermore, the enemies are challenging too. Each enemy has its own characteristic. Players need to find their weaknesses in order to deal a ton of damage.

    Even though it is an action-adventure game, action is not the only element in the game. Moving stones, moving boxes, flying, running, riding a horse, climbing a mountain, to name but just a few, are the minigames that are included in the game. Those minigames are placed everywhere which increases players’ interest in the game. Furthermore, there are puzzle-solving challenges for players to solve too such as a maze and puzzle challenges. That makes players need to think in the game in order to make the players stay engaged and fresh in the game.

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a fabulous game with an open-world design. It is a must-play for everyone.

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