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  • The method of calculating soccer odds for betting enthusiasts

    Posted by Nhu on 2024-05-02 at 7:45 pm

    When playing football betting, everyone always hopes to win against the bookmakers. However, not everyone knows how to calculate soccer over/under bets to determine how much money they will receive. Follow the following article for the most useful information.

    How is over/under in football understood?

    Over/under is a form of betting in which the bookmaker prediction football win a certain number for a match. Participants then have to bet on the actual number of the match, choosing over (Tài) if they think it will be higher or under (Xỉu) if they think it will be lower.

    In sports betting, bookmakers often set over/under odds based on the total number of goals scored, total number of corner kicks, total number of cards issued, or other metrics in a match. Participants then rely on the odds provided by the bookmaker to bet on the team they believe has the highest chance of winning.

    Reasons to know how to calculate soccer over/under bets

    Knowing how to calculate soccer over/under bets is a straightforward task in this era of booming technology. There’s nothing complicated about this calculation. So, what is the purpose of this calculation? Let’s briefly discuss some factors:

    It helps you assess the reliability of the bookmaker you’re betting with. Sometimes, you can compare your winning amount with the odds provided by the bookmaker to see if they are accurate. If they are not accurate, you can raise a complaint to ensure fairness.

    Furthermore, understanding how to calculate soccer over/under bets allows you to identify which betting odds carry higher risks and offer greater winning opportunities, ensuring your safety when participating in betting activities.

    Moreover, when you perform these calculations, you become more confident in participating in betting activities with bookmakers. You become a more professional bettor, making it difficult for bookmakers to deceive or intimidate you.

    The most basic way to calculate soccer over/under bets

    In football betting, players receive winnings from the bookmaker either in full or in half of the bet amount. Therefore, the calculation of winnings for each scenario varies.

    For over/under bets, the calculation of winnings is based on the odds set for each match. Thus, the calculation of winnings and losses differs. The original amount will be equal to the bet amount multiplied by the odds ratio.

    For example, if you bet 200.00 VND on the over/under for the Vietnam team, with the odds set at 0.98. Therefore, the actual amount that the bookmaker will multiply will be equal to the original amount the player bet, which is 200,000 VND multiplied by 0.98, resulting in 196,000 VND.

    Calculating soccer over/under bets when winning in full

    Calculating winnings for soccer over/under bets when winning in full:

    If your chosen team wins the entire match, you will receive the winning amount according to the following formula: The winning amount equals the original bet amount multiplied by the winning odds.

    For example: If the original amount bet by the player is 200,000 VND, and the odds are predicted at 2.3. Therefore, the amount that the player will receive at this point will be 200.00 x 2.3 = 460,000 VND.

    Winning half:

    Winning half means the player participates in betting and receives half of the amount from the bookmaker. Therefore, the amount that players receive will be calculated with the following formula: The player’s winning amount equals the betting odds multiplied by the bet amount and then divided by two.

    For example: If a player bets on the Thailand team with 100,000 VND, and the initial betting odds are 1.53. If the player wins half, the amount received will be calculated as (1.53 + 1) / 2 x 100,000 = 126,500 VND.

    Losing everything:

    In the unfortunate event of losing everything, the calculation of soccer over/under bet winnings is quite straightforward. The player will lose the entire original bet amount. For instance, if a player bets 300,000 VND and loses everything, they will lose the entire 300,000 VND wager.

    Losing half:

    There are also cases where players participate in soccer over/under betting and only lose half. In this scenario, the player needs to calculate the loss according to the following formula: The player’s losing amount equals the bet amount multiplied by the odds and then divided by 2.

    Considerations in calculating soccer over/under bets

    Although the formula is readily available, not everyone can easily calculate these amounts. When performing calculations, to ensure accuracy, players should consider the following points:

    Firstly, players need to be aware of the odds provided by the bookmaker. This will help players make more accurate calculations and determine if the odds offered by the bookmaker are higher, thereby choosing a reputable and professional betting platform.

    Each tournament or match may have different adjustments in odds as well as betting options. Therefore, one formula cannot be universally applied. Players should research multiple bookmakers before calculating their bets.

    In essence, the formulas for calculating betting amounts are the same, but caution is required to ensure accuracy.

    Players should differentiate between different types of betting odds and understand how wins and losses are specifically determined.

    Most importantly, participating in betting on a reputable platform eliminates the need for multiple calculations, as trustworthy bookmakers will ensure accurate payout amounts without engaging in fraudulent behavior or deceiving players.

    Where to participate in soccer over/under betting?

    As analyzed above, choosing the right reputable betting platform means you only need to calculate your bets once. Because reputable bookmakers offer you many advantages, from bonuses to various other perks. soccer hot tips is currently a reputable betting platform. Here are some reasons why you should choose to bet on football at this bookmaker:

    High payout rates:

    Wintips has a long-standing reputation for ensuring safety and reliability for bettors. When participating in football betting, players are not only offered a variety of enticing betting options such as over/under bets, European handicap, Asian handicap, and odd/even bets, but more importantly, compared to other bookmakers, Wintips offers extremely high payout rates for players to conquer.

    Fair payouts:

    Moreover, you can rest assured when betting on this platform as the bonuses you receive will be paid out promptly. You won’t have to worry about any issues related to fraud or cheating.

    Fast transactions:

    Wintips applies modern information technology, meeting the increasingly stringent demands of players. The transaction speed is extremely fast, with deposit and withdrawal operations taking only about 20 to 30 minutes for bonuses to be credited to your account.

    Safe and secure:

    Most importantly, ensuring the safety of personal information is crucial for players. You won’t have to worry about facing any other risks because your personal information is encrypted using modern technology.

    So, the article has helped you understand how to calculate soccer over/under bets in each specific scenario. Hurry up and register an account with sporty trader bookmaker to have the opportunity to win attractive bonuses.

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