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About Yesports

What is Yesports?

Yesports is a global “Career Development” + social media platform where more than 40 sectors’ professionals, performers, athletes, gamers, talents etc. can develop their career, link up with sponsors & media, meet celebrities, upload profiles, exchange information, stay connected and seek funding for their endeavors!

Yesports Talents showcases talents from around the world and provides a platform especially for connecting to the corporates to maximise marketing synergies and merchandising strategies.

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Meet Our Talent Of The Month

Talents of the Month – BekBek

Cheers everyone! It is again time for the greatest announcement of all times – the fabulous and most exciting “Talent of the Month”! This time, we are super proud to have BekBek be our star of this month, where he is also one of the esports commentators of PUBG Mobile for our Yesports University League Tournaments!

BekBek is an aspiring shout caster that strives for advocating equality in gaming. He strongly believes in the idea that “gaming is for everyone” and it should definitely be a safe space for every individual to be a part of.

Though his journey to become a professional shout caster, was certainly not easy. While he struggles to get gigs, he was criticized by the world whenever he actually gets to be a caster, including his success in being part of an official PUBG Mobile event, the 2021 PMCO Falls Spilt. During this event, he received endless scrutiny from the public’s eye, while many would give up by then, BekBek stays on and even stood tall and high. With his undying determination and immense resilience, he has proved to his haters that he is more than qualified for being a professional esports broadcaster, through having the right attitude in continuous learning and turning criticisms into teachings to grow and to be better.

To pursue his dreams, BekBek has to withstand so many challenges and criticisms. However, with his empowering ideals, coupled with his perseverance to become the person he wishes to be, he has reached his success in becoming an inspiring esports caster.

Stay tuned with us for more updates from him! And keep an eye out for our latest updates for upcoming events featuring BekBek and our other talents!

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Yesports Group Summary

Yesports Group Summary 2021

Yesports now covers 60+ countries/ 5 Continents aiming to cover 80+ countries by mid of 2022, and more than 300+ events (both online & physical) hosted with about 500 million accumulated audiences and 20,000+ talents under management.

Yesports is the only active Hong Kong sports/esports Group to execute a global strategy. The Group has a hybrid model in the areas of esports, culture, media, entertainment, Metaverse, etc. on a global perspective for enhancing our access to global audiences and participants.

Global Talents Conference

Global Talents Conference

YESPORTS Global Talents Conference series will be hosted starting this Fall of 2022. It is the 1st series of Global Gamers, Influencers/KOLs/Bloggers Who’s Who Conference to be held in various 1st Tier Asia and Global cities, with the intention to cover all 5 Continents in the coming months.

Yesports Talent

Yesports Talent

We welcome all types of talents including but not limited to professional/semi-pro gamers, commentators, coaches, team managers, DJs, singers, artists, dancers, entertainers, game designers, engineers, sports performance enhancers, podcasters, other professionals in sports marketing, AI & Big data, mutimedia, etc. to join us!


Yesports University League

One of a kind of University League that covers multiple Continents, multiple Universities, multiple games and addresses both the esports and entertainment elements, excepted to be participated by a few hundred million+ audiences reach during the whole duration.

開創先河 踏足世界舞台 – Chris Wong

開創先河 踏足世界舞台 – Chris Wong 今日係Chris正式由Yesports轉會加入世界級歐洲電競戰隊Fnatic嘅日子,亦係Yesports成功帶領選手邁向世界舞台嘅重要一刻。短短一年時間,Chris代表Yesports征戰多個世界級賽事,屢獲佳績,成為香港現役世界排名數一數二嘅「街霸」選手。 🏆Capcom Cup X 亞軍🏆Capcom Pro Tour 2023 法國站冠軍🏆Capcom Pro Tour 2023 新加坡站亞軍🏅杭州第19屆亞洲運動會 Top 4 感謝Chris一年嚟對Yesports,對電競界以及對香港嘅貢獻! 預祝Chris問鼎世界第一,成為真正嘅「街霸」! Adios CW ❤️ Stepping onto the World Stage – Chris Wong Today marks Chris’s official transfer from Yesports to the world-class European esports team Fnatic, which is also yet another symbolic moment for Yesports in successfully guiding players towards the global stage. In just one year, Chris has represented Yesports in multiple world-class tournaments, achieving outstanding results and becoming one of the top “Street Fighter” players in Hong Kong. 🏆Capcom Cup X Runner-up🏆Capcom Pro Tour 2023 France Champion🏆 Capcom Pro Tour 2023 Singapore Runner-up🏅19th Hangzhou Asian Games Top 4 Thank you, Chris, for your contributions to Yesports, the esports community, and Hong Kong

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【Chris Wong以毫厘之差惜敗屈居亞軍 創香港街霸史上最佳成績】

《街霸 6》首個Capcom Cup X 的十六強至總決賽在今日 (美國時間2月25日下午,香港時間2月26日上午)火熱展開!我們Yesports旗下選手 ChrisWongisgood在決賽中再戰選手UMA,雙方勢均力敵,來回以一分之差緊咬對方!Chris Wong在連追三局後以些微之差被對方拿下,與一百萬美金獎金失之交臂,但仍無阻CW為香港街霸、電競圈寫下歷史,成為首位闖入Capcom Cup X並榮獲亞軍的香港人! Chris Wong作為一名上班族,每天只能依靠下班後的時間磨練技術,幸好能遇上一眾好手與他一起練習,加上自律及良好的心理質素才能打出水平,闖入決賽,勇奪亞軍!我們在此亦恭喜冠軍UMA和所有獲得佳績的伙伴們~ 相信Chris Wong的拼戰精神已鼓舞不少香港電競圈的朋友,為香港電競爭氣,而Yesports一直致力於為職業電競選手提供支援和資源,希望未來我們能為更多想投身香港電競的有志之士提供機會,期待有更多的新星能在未來的比賽中嶄露鋒芒、再創佳績,為香港電競圈贏得更多榮譽,向社會傳遞電競正向價值! (圖片來源:Capcom Cup X Official Live Streaming) 【Yesports Player Chris Wong Won 2nd Place in Capcom Cup X | Achieving Best Result in the History of Hong Kong Street Fighter】 The top 16 to the grand finals of the first Capcom Cup X in Street Fighter 6 kicked off today (February 25th in the United States, February 26th in Hong Kong) with great excitement! Our Yesports player Chris Wong faced off against UMA in the finals, and the two players were evenly matched. After a series of close matches, Chris Wong was defeated by a slight margin, missing out on the one million dollar prize but still making history as the first

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恭喜 絕世拿鐵,天晴はるる,Gear 花輪 在今天Yesports舉辦的新春特備節目「棋棋怪怪」中取得勝利。其中天晴はるる更是獲得兩局的勝利成功為他的觀眾爭取得兩封紅包! 希望大家喜歡今次的節目,在未來的時間,我們希望舉辦更多更有趣的活動,也期待「棋棋怪怪」的第二季能盡快歸來,小編收到消息說第二季會融合更多新的玩法,令節目更加多元化! 再次感謝金主爸爸s: PlayBigTime、 Safari Asia Limited 、 YesMaster HK 、 YesMaster GO 鼎力支持本次的節目。 亦十分感謝支持單位 Jun De Foundation。 我們下期再見!

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由元朗大會堂主辦、Yesports及電競人才總會合辦的「2024翻轉電競在元朗」於2024年2月17日圓滿結束,元朗區STEM推廣計劃亦於昨日(2月18日)順利閉幕。 活動現場設立多個遊戲區,吸引數百名參與者到場支持。台上比賽選手們展開激烈對戰,台下大小朋友一同試玩遊戲,享受沉浸式電競體驗。 我們衷心感謝是次活動的贊助單位民政事務總署社區參與計劃、以及 Safari Asia Limited、YesMaster HK、YesMaster GO、CheckCheckCin、 Tom Lee Music 通利琴行、Stringer HK及順南Shunnam的鼎力支持。我們更特別鳴謝香港廣西社團總會香港廣西新界西北服務中心的贊助,及君德基金會全力支持。 電競運動已在去年杭州亞運中正式成為體育競賽項目,適逢今年奧運會即將舉行,電競活動將秉承奧林匹克精神,憑藉和諧、公平、健康的特點,體現團結、奮鬥、競技的體育精神。希望明年我們繼續努力,給市民帶來更多精彩紛呈的活動。 恭喜各位得獎者,希望這次活動能向社區推廣電競文化,傳遞電競正向價值,為更多青少年朋友打開智慧和創造的大門,成為未來文化+體育+科技+創新發展的中堅力量。 #STEM #電競 #親子 #元朗 #文化 #科技

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「霸氣來襲-拳王爭霸」暨世界大賽及杭州亞運電競運動員分享會喺上星期六圓滿結束啦~感謝 Humanbomb 和 ChrisWongisgood 兩位拳王嘅分享,以及一眾參加者對今次活動嘅熱情同對《街霸6》嘅激情!大家有冇打翻鋪夠呢?!小編都有玩過下《街霸》,但今次活動先真正見識到原來啲角色可以有咁多招 ,咁多玩法,今鋪真係大開眼界學到嘢! 拳王s獎學金: Champion: Micky (獲得由Zenox贊助的Zenox HIDA Gaming Chair SRP (價值HK$2,499) 及 總報名費30%) 1st Runner up: Tkawaa (獲得由Yesports贊助的無線運動耳機(價值HK$599) 及 總報名費20%) 2nd Runner up: Keevinjai (獲得由Yesports贊助的Casetify限量《街霸》聯名強悍防摔手機殼(價值HK$509) 及 總報名費15%) 4th Place: 譚詠麟 (獲得總報名費10%) 5-6th Place: LinLin (獲得總報名費7.5%) 5-6th Place: TKO (獲得總報名費7.5%) 7-8th Place: 852god (獲得總報名費5%) 7-8th Place: 艾倫葉卡 (獲得總報名費5%) 街霸社群福利大放送: 由Zenox 贊助的RGB Backlight Mechanical Keyboard (Blue Switch) (價值HK$929) : Terry sin 由東鵬特飲贊助的東鵬特飲飲品一箱共24支 (價值HK$264): 加碼多多 由Chris Wong 贊助的Headset (價值HK$199): 小李 由Yesports 贊助的Ear bud (價值HK$599): Chris Tam 由Chris Wong 贊助的Mouse pad (價值HK$119): 艾倫葉卡 kwan 恭喜曬各位!希望今次活動成功回饋到香港《街霸》社群,俾到一個空間大家一齊聚會和感受《街霸》嘅樂趣。最後感謝大家來臨我們嘅活動,衷心感謝香港都會大學提供場地支持,特別鳴謝Zenox提供電競裝備,東鵬特飲提供全場飲品,和其他贊助單位Safari Asia Limited, Yes Master!, Yes Master! GO, 以及支持單位 Jun De Foundation 對今次活動嘅鼎力支持!我哋 Yesports 會繼續定期舉辦各種電競活動,致力發展香港電競,發掘電競人才! #街霸6#StreetFighter6#香港電競#Yesports#YesportsHK#YesportsAsia#Yesmaster#tournament#esports#電競

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適逢Yesports旗下選手ChrisWong勇奪世一,Humanbomb取下第五,香港《街霸》成績創下史上新高Yesports決定舉辦以《街霸6》為主題的活動-「霸氣來襲-拳王爭霸」暨世界大賽及杭州亞運電競運動員分享會,請來拳王 ChrisWong 和 Humanbomb ,他們將為大家分享出戰杭州亞運和Capcom Pro Tour 2023 法國站的珍貴經驗和有趣見聞,同時大會亦將為參加者們提供飲品、VR遊戲體驗、Switch等玩樂設施,務求令各位街霸同好者能打得盡慶之餘,也能玩得開心~ 活動精華: 1. 致勝秘笈分享會 2. 《街霸6》挑機線下賽 3. 街霸高手大亂鬥 4. 街霸聯歡會 日期:2023年12月2日(星期六) 時間:下午2時至下午9時 (香港時間) 地點:香港九龍何文田牧愛街30號香港都會大學正校園(C座)9樓09室 報名費*:每位HKD 50 (自攜PC/PS5報名人士,可豁免報名費) 報名連結: https://forms.gle/iZvxbZL3HMA7mqKS9 *報名費將用於獎金池。 獎金池: 1st: 30% + Zenox HIDA Gaming Chair SRP 2nd: 20% + 無線運動耳機 3rd: 15% 4th: 10% 5-6th: 7.5% 7-8th: 5% *如有爭議,Yesports保留對活動的解釋權和決定權。

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