⠀????For those of you who have not signed up for “YEAH International League”, remember to take this opportunity for the early bird price! ????It’s First-Come-First-Served!⠀

????Registration Link:⠀
PES 2020:⠀

Some of you have questions regarding the registration procedures and the payment methods.????⠀
So in order to make everyone’s registration runs smoothly, ????????‍????we are here to give you some tips!⠀

????Registration Procedure:⠀

  1. Sign up for Yesports account (⠀
  2. Mark down your Yesports ID number at⠀
  3. Register at YesMaster! (⠀
  4. Select tournament that you want to participate in⠀
  5. Pay the registration fee through PayPal⠀
  6. Screencap the receipt of the payment⠀
  7. Fill in the Registration Form⠀
  8. THEN YOU ARE DONE!!!????????⠀

    ????A confirmation letter will be sent to you within 5 business days after the registration and transaction. Please pay attention!⠀

  9. If you are signing up for a YesMaster! Account and you cannot complete the registration due to the problem of your mobile phone, please enter 8 digits randomly (e.g.12345678)。⠀
  10. If you do not have a PayPal account, please PM us for assistance.⠀

    YEAH reserves the right of final decision and interpretation in the case of any dispute