【YEAH Pro E-Sports Seminars 2019 Hong Kong】Successfully held on Jul 17!



Yes! E-Sports Asia Holdings Limited (“YEAH” or the “Company”), an Asian E-Sports tournament hub pioneer and a proprietary “E-Sport + Entertainment” platform, has successfully held its professional e-sports seminar series “LEARN FROM THE PRO GAMERS” at its home city at K11 Atelier, Hong Kong on July 17, 2019.

Dr Afif Bahardin, Executive Councillor of Penang State, Malaysia was our special officiating guest for the seminar.  Other industry professionals participated in the panel discussion during the seminar include:

  • Mr Ido Brosh                  – President, Israeli e-Sports Association
  • Mr Hans Jagnow           – President, ESBD – German Esports Federation
  • Mr Kim Cheng                – Professional Fighting Games Coach
  • Humanbomb                  – Professional Street Fighter player

During the panel discussion, our guests shared the happenings in their country and region, and how YEAH could bring together different e-sports professionals such as gamers, coaches, managers to create an effective exchange.  Despite some territorial limitations, it was under the consensus that the industry will eventually undergo some sort of consolidation and reach a world sport status like other competitive sports such as chess and golf etc. that are being competed around the world with uniformed rules and standards.  This status shall come soon and it will be the best timing now to be actively participating in this development.

The panel discussion was followed by exhibition games in various titles.  Professional girls’ LoL team, ROX Caracal from South Korea, played against the Hong Kong local team HKGamingZ and SFXSE.  All teams fought intensively and it was truly a demonstration of pro gamers’ techniques.  Mr Hyeonbeom Lee, Head coach for ROX Caracal, who also coached champion teams of 2018 EU LCS Qualifier Champion and 2017 ESL Masters Spain Champion, praised the players from all the teams and commented, “We are happy to have the opportunity to exchange with these teams through YEAH’s arrangement over the past few months.  Through the playoffs against different teams from various countries over the past few seminars with YEAH, the team is rapidly picking up the different teams’ playing style and gained tremendously from these experiences.”

The last exhibition games were in Street Fighter, Hong Kong professional gamer Humanbomb playing against a Street Fighter rising star 3K, and one of the youngest Street Fighter star of recent times at the age of 12, Keevin from Hong Kong.

Mr Timothy Shen, founding director and CEO of YEAH, praised on the success of the seminar, “Hong Kong is our founding city and it is great to be coming back to host such a successful seminar and have invited so many industry professionals from all around the world to be here to share with the local e-sports enthusiasts.  By hearing what the recent developments are in other parts of the world, YEAH is even more determined to bring the different countries together through our platform, to create this international exchange of e-sports, for the benefit of all the stakeholders in the e-sports eco system.”

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Source : YEAH Asia League