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Yesports is a global “esports +” social media platform where gamers meet celebrities for fun and opportunities to show their talent! It connects game lovers to a dynamic world of resources and people.

Yesports Talent showcases talents from around the world and provides a platform for connecting to the corporates to maximise marketing synergies.

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Global Talents Conference

YESPORTS Global Talents Conference series will be hosted starting this Summer of 2020.  It is the 1st series of Global Gamers, Influencers/KOLs/Bloggers Who’s Who Conference to be held in various 1st Tier Asia and Global cities, with the intention to cover all 5 Continents in the coming months.



Yesports Talent

We welcome all types of talents including but not limited to professional/semi-pro gamers, commentators, coaches, team managers, DJs, singers, artists, dancers, entertainers, game designers, engineers, sports performance enhancers, podcasters, other professionals in sports marketing, AI & Big data, mutimedia, etc. to join us!

Featured Talent

Yesports Talent showcases talents from around the world and provides a platform for connecting to the corporates to maximise marketing synergies.

Latest News

Yesports Webinar – Job Hunting Tips 求職攻略

#Yesportswebinar Nice to see you on Friday again! Yesports is glad to have 2 HR guest speakers to share some job hunting tips with us! Turns out there are quite a lot of things we need to know before applying for a job. How do we prepare ourselves and what traits are...

【Yesports x Oasis Avenue (Best Buyer) Happy Friday Sale!】

💥Yesports has been bringing us a variety of shows and shopping discounts🛒, this time we are bringing back another crazy sales for branded leather accessories together with Oasis Avenue BEST BUYER HappyFridaySale🥳! If you wanna get yourself a treat, then don’t miss our...


46% of Millennials interviewees said they had been on a business trip✈️. It is in fact very common to go on business trips nowadays in current global economy. 👥SnowyBunny, Miss Durian, Martin, and Ada are no exceptions, they had to travel often for work and events....

【Yesports x Oasis Avenue – Esports Room VR Experience! ⚔️】

🤩Yesports is excited to have Humanbomb, Anson and the 13-year-old gaming genius Keevin to join us trying out some 🎮VR games at the Esports Room at Oasis Avenue! Let’s find out who plays better at other games, besides the Street Fighter. Wanna know what else’s in the...

【Talent of the Month September 2020-Paul】

Congratulations to our avid streamer, Paul—Yesport’s TALENT OF THE MONTH!! Paul joined our KartRider Rush+ tournament last month and battled into the FINALs with his spectacular gaming skills! There will be a series of events featuring Paul in September! 1. Yesports...


👏🏻Yesports is proud to bring you the great master😎 – JC! Index is a common term in stock market but do you know what it means and what it presents🤔? What do we need to pay attention to in entering the stock market and investments👀? If you are interested in this...


If you are into gaming then Capcom and Nintendo should sound familiar to you😏. If you are not, these two are the most famous Japanese Gaming Companies🙌🏻. Yesports is proud to present our esports specialist Kim, one of the OG in Hong Kong esports industry to unravel...

【WEBINAR】UNI Esports in Myanmar

E-sports is not a new concept in Myanmar, many universities and educational institutions have their own e-sports clubs and associations to promote the uprising industry. We are excited to announced that we are having Sai Minkhant - an experienced Head Executive from...

【WEBINAR】The PUBG Mobile Gaming Community

PUBG Mobile is probably one of the most popular games nowadays! We are so excited to have Kamilla (ThrillaVanilla) as our guest speaker! She is the Managing Director of one of the biggest communities in the Philippines! Let's explore into the gaming community of PUBG...

【WEBINAR】Secret of Game Company

We believe most of the audience of Yesports Channels knows our guest小白 and we are happy to have him sharing the juicy stories behind the famous game companies. Stay tuned at 7pm tonight for the secrets of these gaming tycoons. Youtube:

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