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What is Yesports?

Yesports is a global “Career Development” + social media platform where more than 40 sectors’ professionals, performers, athletes, gamers, talents etc. can develop their career, link up with sponsors & media, meet celebrities, upload profiles, exchange information, stay connected and seek funding for their endeavors!

Yesports Talents showcases talents from around the world and provides a platform especially for connecting to the corporates to maximise marketing synergies and merchandising strategies.

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Meet Our Talent Of The Month

Talent of the Month September 2021 – LIE ANDI (Indonesia)

Yooooo, wassup peeps!!! Jon Bon Jovi once said “Nothing is as important as passion.” Here we are delighted to introduce to you an avid bassist who is our Talent of the Month for September – LIE ANDI !!.

Lie Andi is a bass guitarist from Indonesia and also the founder of the “Indonesian Bass Players” Community. He was awarded and known as the best national bassist in YAMAHA’s AsianBest Competition in 2006. He has been an experienced lecturer in the Indonesian Music Institute for 10 years. Along with his passion for serving the students and music lovers of the community, he enjoys playing famous metal and rock music covers with his bands and performing his original music..Stay tuned with us for more updates from him! Please keep an eye out on our latest updates for more upcoming events featuring Lie Andi and our talents!

Global Talents Conference

Global Talents Conference

YESPORTS Global Talents Conference series will be hosted starting this Summer of 2020. It is the 1st series of Global Gamers, Influencers/KOLs/Bloggers Who’s Who Conference to be held in various 1st Tier Asia and Global cities, with the intention to cover all 5 Continents in the coming months.

Yesports Talent

Yesports Talent

We welcome all types of talents including but not limited to professional/semi-pro gamers, commentators, coaches, team managers, DJs, singers, artists, dancers, entertainers, game designers, engineers, sports performance enhancers, podcasters, other professionals in sports marketing, AI & Big data, mutimedia, etc. to join us!

Yesports Dance Battle

Hey guys! It's time to shuffle and join the dance battle that has begun! 🔥🔥🔥 Are YOU ready to accept the challenge and battle with the other contestants?! 👊🏻😉 . Here we are looking for passionate dancers from all around the world, sponsors, and event co-organizers from all over the world to join this battle!

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