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Yesports is a global “Career Development” + social media platform where more than 40 sectors’ professionals, performers, athletes, gamers, talents etc. can develop their career, link up with sponsors & media, meet celebrities, upload profiles, exchange information, stay connected and seek funding for their endeavors!

Yesports Talents showcases talents from around the world and provides a platform especially for connecting to the corporates to maximise marketing synergies and merchandising strategies.

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Meet Our Talent Of The Month

Talent of the Month July 2021 – Chai Zi (Malaysia)

As many of you might have noticed Chai Zi is our event host on our event “Yesports Superstar Carnival” last week, nevertheless, being an event host is not his only expertise! Chai Zi is a multi-talented artiste – he is an actor, singer-songwriter, tv host/emcee & scriptwriter who can write & speak fluent English, Mandarin, Malay & Cantonese. He also knows some Hokkien & Hakka.

He has numerous acting experiences including a high profile epic drama “The Sea Silk Road”, ”The Water” by CCTV China, Malay Telemovies and various television commercials. Chai Zi was the English-speaking emcee for Miss World Malaysia 2018, one of the most prestigious & the oldest running international beauty pageant in the world since 1951. He was the emcee/host of many reality shows, live events, beauty pageant contests, TV programs, corporate dinners, home shopping programs, kids shows, etc.

Besides, his acting and emcee experience, Chai Zi also released his music album 【Chai】with all 10 songs written by him that covers a wide variety of genres, i.e. ballade, folks, big band jazz, China tune, Epic etc. Many local media & newspapers have made exclusive interviews and articles on Chai Zi’s music journey. In the 13th PWH Music Award (Malaysia Grammy Award),《Chai》was one of the top two albums in <The Best Independent Album Award>, whereas one of his MVs, <Gandharva> was one of the top three in <The Best Music Video Award

Global Talents Conference

Global Talents Conference

YESPORTS Global Talents Conference series will be hosted starting this Summer of 2020. It is the 1st series of Global Gamers, Influencers/KOLs/Bloggers Who’s Who Conference to be held in various 1st Tier Asia and Global cities, with the intention to cover all 5 Continents in the coming months.

Yesports Talent

Yesports Talent

We welcome all types of talents including but not limited to professional/semi-pro gamers, commentators, coaches, team managers, DJs, singers, artists, dancers, entertainers, game designers, engineers, sports performance enhancers, podcasters, other professionals in sports marketing, AI & Big data, mutimedia, etc. to join us!

Yesports International Virtual Music Fiesta 2021

Yesports International Virtual Music Fiesta 2021

Hey, when was the last time you’ve been able to travel overseas to enjoy a music concert? Even though we have the pandemic situation going on, THE SHOW MUST GO ON!! RIGHT?!!

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