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Yesports is a global “Career Development” + social media platform where more than 40 sectors’ professionals, performers, athletes, gamers, talents etc. can develop their career, link up with sponsors & media, meet celebrities, upload profiles, exchange information, stay connected and seek funding for their endeavors!

Yesports Talents showcases talents from around the world and provides a platform especially for connecting to the corporates to maximise marketing synergies and merchandising strategies.

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Meet Our Talent Of The Month

【Talent of the Month February 2021 – Luna】

Hey there warriors! Thunderous applause to our Talent of the Month for February – GM LUNA!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Luna is an avid MMORP/MOBA gamer and streamer from Sorsogon, Philippines. She grew up with poor internet connection, but it never hinders her passion towards gaming. In fact, it helped her realize how much she loves gaming. Her main games are Rohan Online and League of Legends, but she also loves to explore new and different games. She has now accumulated over 11,000 followers on her streaming page within a year.
Other than streaming online, Luna tries her best to attend every single LIVE event or game contest, so that she can meet all of her fans in person. Besides gaming, she tries her best to maintain an active lifestyle by outdoor activities such as surfing, longboarding, and trekking. Stay tuned with us for more updates from her! Please keep an eye out on our latest updates for more upcoming events featuring Luna and our talents!

Global Talents Conference

YESPORTS Global Talents Conference series will be hosted starting this Summer of 2020.  It is the 1st series of Global Gamers, Influencers/KOLs/Bloggers Who’s Who Conference to be held in various 1st Tier Asia and Global cities, with the intention to cover all 5 Continents in the coming months.



Yesports Talent

We welcome all types of talents including but not limited to professional/semi-pro gamers, commentators, coaches, team managers, DJs, singers, artists, dancers, entertainers, game designers, engineers, sports performance enhancers, podcasters, other professionals in sports marketing, AI & Big data, mutimedia, etc. to join us!

Featured Talent

Yesports Talent showcases talents from around the world and provides a platform for connecting to the corporates to maximise marketing synergies.

Latest News

YEAH Weekend Tournament – Street Fighter V January 2021

Congratulations to all Winners! 🥇Champion:Louis (Macau) 🥈1st Runner-up:Backtodecemnber (HK) 🥉2nd Runner-up:Dkjason (Malaysia) Thank you for joining our monthly weekend tournament, look forward to have more players from different countries to join...

YEAH Brawl Star Online Jan 2021 Weekend Tournament!🎉🎉🎉

Congratulations to all Winners! Thank you players from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia joining our Brawl Stars Weekend Tournament, all of you shown the professional skills and talent, hope to see you all again in the upcoming tournament! 🥇冠軍:Hopeful (HK) 🥈亞軍:Overtime (HK)...

[New Year of the Ox] 2021 Chinese Zodiac, Wealth and Feng Shui Tips

Chinese Zodiac and feng shui have been closely related to our life since the ancient times. 😃😃🎉 Do you know that your life fortune, wealth, career are more or less associated to the Chinese zodiac and feng shui? Today, we are honored to invite Master Sam Sam to share...

YesportsWebinar- Esports Mental Performance

#YesportsWebinar Have you ever wondered how to achieve better performance and still struggling with that🧐? We are honored to have Dr Doug🤩🥳, coach of a number of prestige teams and players as our guest to share with us the knowledge and methods of mental performance...

[Create Your Own Esports Team🎮]

Have you ever thought of creating your own Pro Esports Team/s, and seeing them compete in the world's major competition? This is your chance to make it happen! 🏆Do you know that there are millions of underprivileged youths who got no resources and opportunity to...

YEAH Webinar – Mobile Esports Ecosystem and Development

#YEAHWebinar Esports has become one of the most fast-growing industry globally and many of us would like to explore into the future development and esports ecosystem. Therefore, we are honored to have our knowledgeable guests to share with us their insights and ideas...

Yesports Webinar –Female Gamers in Mongolia

#YesportsWebinar E-sports is not a new concept in Mongolia, the Mongolian Esports Association (MESA) has joined the Asian Electronic Sports Federation (AESF) in the summer this year. We are excited to announced that we are having SOUR CANDY Pubg Mobile Clan- our newly...

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