Hi guys! The winners of the YESPORTS DANCE BATTLE AWARDS 2021 will be announced this Friday!!!

Thank you for all your support! YESPORTS will be broadcasting live for the awards giving ceremony. Every single vote has been tallied and taken into account, and guess what?!! The results are ready to be announced this Friday! Once again, thank you to our honourable judges Eric Tse, Bgirl Ling, Mila WM and all the dancers for your amazing performances!!

For up-to-the-minute event coverage, check out the event website to check out all of the performers in the show!

On the day of the awards ceremony, 9 awards will be distributed to the winners!

1. Best Visual Effect Award – Best set-up and background

2. Best Popularity Award – Best interaction with the audience

3. Best Stage Presence Award – Best stage presence

4. Most Eye-Catching Award – Award for the highest number of views during their session of live stream

5. Best Choreography Award – Best choreography

6. Best Costume Award – Best outfit

7. Favorite Talent Award – Most gifted dance talent

8. 1st-runner-up – Second best overall performance

9. Champion – Best overall performance.Live stream

details:Date: 12 November 2021 (Friday)S

tarting time: 4:00PM (GMT +8).

Streaming Channels-Facebook:



Stay tuned with us @Yesport Channel for more amazing content from us!

The Game Bank has a Discord channel now!!!

我們TGB有Discord 頻道了,想得知世界各地的最新遊戲及電競資訊,就加入我們的大家庭吧!!!

The Game Bank has a Discord channel now. If you want to know about games and e-sports latest news and information from all over the world, come join our big family! ! !

TGB Discord –

遊戲銀行(TGB)是遊戲玩家、遊戲發行商、觀眾、遊戲設備供應商、名人等聚集和分享他們的經驗、獲取遊戲、試用和排名新遊戲的地方! 的目標是將各種電子競技遊戲的樂趣帶給每個人,無處不在!這些策略是通過與授權合作夥伴的合作以及 Fantasy Esports Empire 的授權安排來提供無縫平台。

在初始階段,將提供不同的電子競技競猜遊戲供玩家玩和賺取 Yesports 的禮物和購買理想商品的積分。 換一句話,其他許可的遊戲選擇將可供遊戲玩家享受。

The Game Bank (TGB) is where gamers, game publishers, audiences, game equipment suppliers, celebrities etc. gather and share their experiences, acquire games, trial out and rank new games! objective is to bring the joy of all sorts of esports gaming to everyone, everywhere!The strategies are to through cooperation with licensed partners and also licensing arrangements for Fantasy Esports Empire to deliver a seamless platform.

In the initial phase, different Quiz Games of esports will be offered for gamers to play and earn Yesports for gifts and credits for the desirable merchandise purchases. At a later phrase, other licensed gaming choices will be available for gamers’ enjoyment.

Visit Forum:

Visit The Game Bank:

Visit Fantasyesports:

【 Yesports 哈利波特:魔法覺醒 最強巫師對決 (亞洲盃) 港澳區 選拔賽 】

各位霍格華茲同學大家好,港澳區 最強巫師對決 已於今晚正式展開⚔️.Yesports將會於星期六晚 開設Onlince Class 全程直播 8強 至 決賽(決賽為BO5)各場賽事🏆

今次我們好高興邀請到 兩位對哈利波特都有深入了解嘅嘉賓主持 Mr. Joker & Cchung Channel 大聲宗 為賽事旁述🎙

記得快D叫埋身邊嘅同學仔 嚟緊11月13日 星期六 6PM 嚟上堂啦📚




歡迎加入我 Discord頻道-記得收看和追隨喔 !

Casting Call

【YESPORTS x APRU – Association of Pacific Rim Universities : Esports Career Webinar Series – Marketing Strategies in Esports】

Sponsoring contracts and financial support are usually one of the biggest steps for young esport players and streamers. Sponsors can often be used as a springboard to international success, making them essential for a professional career.
Finding sponsors for yourself or your team will require a lot of patience and thousands of emails. But don’t despair—finding sponsors is not an entirely impossible task, especially if you can demonstrate your results, quality content and a high level of engagement. Our panel is ready to answer all your questions.
Date: 28th July, 2021 (Wed)
Time: 11am (GMT +8)
Presenters Information:
Aiman Arabain was a student-leader during his college days and has founded his passion for gaming and esports during the time of pandemic, He reached his milestone on his Facebook page for reaching 8000 followers and counting for being a content creator to a leader of his very own esports organization that handles esports athletes, streamers, and casters to #LeadTheCharge not only in the Philippine local scene but also the international scene.
Kamilla Sumagui is a team owner of The Refuge Esports and formerly PH Bandits. She was also the managing director of the United Clan Leaders Alliance Philippines, an esports organization that brings together PUBG Mobile Clan Leaders and their teams, event managers, and streamers, at the same time the community manager for PUBG Mobile Esports in the Philippines.
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【YESPORTS Summer International Virtual Music Fiesta】

July 15th, 2021

Yesports Summer International Virtual Music Fiesta

In light of the previous success of the International Virtual Music Fiesta, Yesports is glad to introduce our sequel online music concert “Yesports Summer International Virtual Music Fiesta” on 25th July (Saturday), 2021. The concert is scheduled to stream at 4:00pm (GMT +8) on social media platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch.

The aim of the last concert was to unite people in difficult times during pandemic, and now we are ready to take it to the next level. We hope music not just unify us, but also strive for greatness in unprecedented circumstances. Positive vibes can always be brought by music. Hopefully, it can ignite us even in this situation.

“Yesports Summer International Virtual Music Fiesta” invites singers from around the globe together to perform in this concert.  20+ singers and talents from Australia, USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, Canada, Austria, Philippines, United Kingdom, France, India, Guatemala and more locations will be attending this worldwide show. Every singer will be presenting themselves to the audience and their performances will be streamed during the concert. Hence, all of us can feel their passion towards music. With performances in different styles and gimmicks, which certainly will have a show suitable for any audience’s taste.

The “Yesports Summer International Virtual Music Fiesta” is an event held online where all audience are welcome to cast their votes on singers that deserve awards as stated below:

1.       Award for best visual effect – best set-up and background

2.       Best solo artist – best solo singing performance

3.       Best Duo/group performance –best duo/group singing performance

4.       Popularity award – best interaction with audience

5.       Best stage presence award – best stage presence

6.       Best sound mixing award – best sound mixing

7.       Most eye-catching award – award for the highest number of views during their session of live stream

8.       Favorite singer award

From July 25 until August 8, music lovers can head to this voting link [] to show some love and support for their favorite singers or bands.  After the votes are tallied, Yesports will announce the winner for each award as voted by audience. There are many brilliant music talents around the world, and it’s time to show them some support. See you all soon!

For more information, please visit:

You can find further details for our talents, upcoming webinars and events on Yesport’s Facebook page:

About Yesports

Yesports, the global O2O hub for talents to meet and connect to international employers and sponsors for unlimited career and business opportunities.

Yesports is a global “esports +” social media platform where gamers meet celebrities for fun and opportunities to show their talent! It connects game lovers to a dynamic world of resources and people.

Yesports Talent showcases talents from around the world and provides a platform for connecting to the corporates to maximize marketing synergies.

To find out more about the online event, visit the link:

For further enquiry, please contact: 

Ms. Ada ChanMr. Kaspar Cheung 
[email protected][email protected] 
+852 9166 1921+852 6324 9297 

【YESPORTS x APRU: Esports Career Webinar Series – Esports Player Contracts: Common Clauses And Potential Legal Issues】


Esports, or competitive video gaming broadcasted online, is becoming a popular industry, and it’s not stopping anytime soon. According to CNN, eSports is expected to reach global revenue of $1 billion by 2019. That means that professional and semi-professional players need to be proactive about protecting their profits and signing contractual agreements.
Esports player and team contracts essentially have the same purpose: they’re providing players and team organizations security and outlining the general duties that are expected from both parties. There are some critical factors including restrictions and limitations in a contract that esports players should be aware of.
Date: 14th July 2021 (Wed)
Time: 9am (GMT +8)
Presenter Information:
Mathew Jessep is a commercial and corporate lawyer and business consultant with specialist skills and experience in Sports, Esports, Media, and Entertainment, acting for clients in Australia, North America, the UK, and Europe. Mat is a pioneer and leading lawyer and consultant in the fast-growing esports sector, acting for clients with interests in leagues and teams. As a dedicated Sports lawyer, Mat has acted for National Sporting Organisations, State Sporting Organisations, sponsors, broadcasters, and leagues and event operators. In the media and entertainment industries, Mat has advised film producers, artists, authors, creatives, podcasters, streamers, and tech start-ups.
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本節目之主持及嘉賓所作之言論純屬個人意見,並不代表本公司立場。 The remarks made by the speaker(s) of the event represent their personal opinions only and do not represent those of Yesports.

【YESPORTS x APRU: Esports Career Webinar Series】

Yesports is collaborating with APRU – Association of Pacific Rim Universities to bring you insight into the world of professional esports. An industry that is expected to have a global value of $1.9 billion next year. We will be inviting leading esports experts for this exciting webinar series, which will explore what esports is all about and what you need to know to understand this industry.

Meet some leading professionals in esports, who will talk about their work and tell you about the possibilities, new career paths, and how to get started.
Whether it’s staging global events, broadcasting major league games, marketing sells out arenas, developing brand partnerships, or securing the huge financial investments required to operate in this industry. Our panel is ready to answer all your questions.

Esports Career Webinar Series:

  1. Career Plan For Young Gamers
  2. Esports Player Contracts: Common Clauses And Potential Legal Issues
  3. Esports Marketing Strategies

Join us by signing up here:


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《Yesports Valheim 瓦爾海姆 迷宮大戰》