Talent of the Month February 2022 – Lorna Clark

Happy Chinese New Year of the Tiger everyone! Today we proudly announce our YESPORT’s Talent of the Month for February 2022 – Lorna Clark!!!

Lorna is a classical cross-over soprano from Kent, UK. She has had a passion for Musical Theatre from a very young age, but decided that she wanted to pursue it as a career by the age of 14.

She was originally trained as a coloratura soprano before studying musical theatre after completing her A-levels. Her favourite style of singing is legit musical theatre and she is a big fan of contemporary MT as well. Another two of her favourite singing styles are Jazz and Country as well. Alongside performing, she has been teaching performing arts for 5 years now.

Stay tuned with us for more updates from her! Please keep an eye out for our latest updates for upcoming events featuring Lorna and our talents!

Find more about her: https://www.yesportstalents.com/portfolio/lorna-clark

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The 19th ASIAN GAMES Hangzhou 2022

Arena of Valor
Asian Games Version


Dream Three Kingdoms 2

branded soccer games


League of Legends

PUBG Mobile

Asian Games Version
Street Fighter V

As global esports talents of all types of games have been striving to perfect their skills for preparation of any international competitions, Yesports (https://yesports.asia/) mandates are to provide linkage and the required skill sets for these talents to participate in these global events for testing their skills, to gain Fame & Fortune as a result!

There are 40 sports including swimming, archery, athletics, badminton, basketball, boxing, etc., with 61 disciplines being covered at The 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 in September 2023 in Hangzhou, China. Esports will also be an official medal competition in the 19th Asian Games (the “Event”) for the first time. There is a total of 8 medal items for the 8 esports games category (the “Games”) to be competed including Hearthstone, PUBG Mobile (Asian Games version), League of Legends, FIFA Online 4, Street Fighter V, Arena of Valor (Asian Games version), Dota 2 and Dream Three Kingdoms 2.

The International Esports Talents Booster Program (the “Program”) will be launched soon with the objectives of assisting those international gamers interested in addressing this opportunity of possible participation in the Event as contestant or candidate.

Program Highlights

Yesports will co-organize the International Esports Talents Booster Program, a 5-day intensive program, to prepare those participating talents for the Event. Talents participating in the Program (and/or excel in the final contests of the Program) may have the opportunity to represent Hong Kong, China to participate in the Event, subject to the satisfaction of the Asian Games and related qualifying entities. The final winners, hopefully through this process, can showcase their skills and profiles on an international scale and access to potential prize pool of millions, not to mention that the Asian Games Award is being perceived as having a similar status as that of Olympic Games.