Counter-Strike’s most famous map has changed a bit over the years, but it’s never looked as good as it does here in this remake of part of the level by artist Wiktor Öhman.

Öhman, who has worked on games like Far Cry 3, has “fond memories playing it with my friends at LAN parties in my teens”, and so figured for this project he would “do my own twist on it by combining several of the [level’s] iterations into something new”.

Note that it’s not the entire level, but when you see how much work has gone into just this diorama, you’ll see why doing that is something maybe left to people getting paid to make Counter-Strike levels for a living, instead of working on this on the side.

Here’s a video detailing the making of the scene:

While here are some images:

You can see more of Öhman’s work at his ArtStation page :

Source: Kotaku