Here’s all the Monster Hunter World Iceborne release date, story, new weapons, and monster details you need to know.   There’s the new Monster Hunter World Iceborne expansion to look forward to later this year, and we already got a chance to go hands-on with the DLC at E3 2019. In this guide outlining everything you need to know about the new expansion for Capcom’s game, we’ll be going over the Monster Hunter World Iceborne release date, all the new weapons and monsters that we’ve spotted and fought so far, as well as rumors of a Monster Hunter World Iceborne beta.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Release Date

The Monster Hunter World Iceborne release date is September 6, 2019. The big new expansion for Capcom’s game was originally revealed back at the end of 2018, and we finally have a date for when we’ll be journeying to the new area.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne PC

But, this release date for the Iceborne expansion is for the PS4 and Xbox One only. Speaking to PCGamesN recently at E3, producer Ryozo Tsujimoto said that the team understands that PC players feel left out, and that Capcom is going to “try and see if we can work out something better for that schedule and see how we can make improvements.”

However as of right now, the only release date we have for Monster Hunter World Iceborne on PC is Holiday 2019. We’ll keep this section updated with any additional details surrounding a PC release for the expansion.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Beta

After a leak just prior to it being revealed, Capcom revealed an upcoming beta for Iceborne. You can head over to our complete Monster Hunter World Iceborne beta guide, where we detail the complete dates for the beta, which is exclusive to PS4 players only.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Price

As was revealed alongside the new trailer above, the Monster Hunter World Iceborne price is $39.99. However if you’re new to Capcom’s game, you can purchase a bundle featuring the base game of Monster Hunter World, plus the new expansion, for $59.99.

If you’re thinking that’s a big of a steep price for the expansion, Capcom has some good news for you. Supposedly, the size of Monster Hunter World Iceborne will rival the base game. Not only will Iceborne feature the single biggest area in the entire game, but it has enough content for a full release, hense the price tag.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne E3 2019

At E3 2019, Capcom put on repeated gameplay demos for Monster Hunter World Iceborne. Thanks to these showcases, we now have a better idea about how the new environment and monsters will function come September. We’ll list out all the notable gameplay details just below.

  • Your stamina depleted continuously while you’re in the cold, and you can replenish it by sipping a Hot Drink.
  • The snow reduces your movement speed, and you’re going to burn through stamina if you sprint too often.
  • You can ride smaller monsters around the Iceborne map to speed up travel.
  • Your Palico will get a winter jacket and a snowboard.
  • You’ll be able to use the Slinger without steathing your current weapon.
  • The new Clutch Claw gadget can let you grapple onto monsters.
  • However if you use Clutch Claw when a monster is enraged, you’ll get thrown to the ground.
  • The new Flinch Shot gadget lets you steer monsters into traps and through breakable walls.

In addition to the demo, we also got the chance to interview Monster Hunter direct Kaname Fujioka and senior producer Ryozo Tsujimoto. Head over to our complete Monster Hunter World Iceborne interview, where we talk to the veteran developers about Iceborne’s difficulty curve, new monsters, Clutch Claw, and more.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Story Trailer

Just below, you can see the brand new Monster Hunter World Iceborne story trailer. This gives us a glimpse of some new details in the expansion, including a new type of Legiana, the new hub area in the frozen land of Iceborne, and new tasty dishes for the Meowscular Chef and his comrades to cook up.

Iceborne isn’t just a huge new area from Capcom, it’s clear that there’s going to be a big new story with the DLC for Monster Hunter World. The Handler is going to play a big role in the story, as is the Commander and the Field Team Leader. The trailer also shows the new Tigrex taking on an Odogaron in the Rotten Vale, so there’ll be changes to existing areas of the game.

The new Monster Hunter World Iceborne Tigrex. | Capcom

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Weapons

In late May, Capcom showed off some of the new Iceborne weapons that will be exclusive to the expansion. Below, you can firstly see the new Clutch Claw gadget in action. This will let hunters zip right up to a monster, hanging onto them for a few seconds to land some deadly hits.

Next, there’s the new Great Sword in action. This Monster Hunter World Iceborne weapon isn’t anything new by any means, but it looks like this new Great Sword is a buffed version of the weapon in some way.

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Finally, there’s an upgraded version of the Long Sword in Iceborne. It definitely looks like this Long Sword has been restyled with samurai combat in mind, with lightning quick attacks being unleashed in the blink of an eye. https://twitter.com/monsterhunter/status/1133282258075508736

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Gameplay

Just below, you can see the brand new Monster Hunter World Iceborne gameplay trailer, which was first shown off during Sony’s State of Play livestream in May. We got our first proper look at the new environment, in which monsters can bury under the snow, and there’s a new grappling hook that you can use to travel across the snowy landscape quickly.

But later on, after the State of Play showcase concluded, Capcom held an extensive look at the new Iceborne expansion in the video just below. The new land is called Hoarfrost Reach, the largest region in the game so far. Outside of new monsters, you can encounter new smaller creatures like Popo, Stonebill, Rime Beetles, and Cortos, the latter of which is a new flying creature that you can hitch a ride on.

As for big new monsters, there’s the Banbaro. This wyvern creature can pick up boulders between its two huge horns, and hurl them at you from a distance. The other monster is Beotodus, that can bury itself deep within the snow. Finally, there’s Velkhana, the big new Elder Dragon of the Iceborne expansion, that uses ice attacks against you.

And as of right now, that’s it for all the news on the Monster Hunter World Iceborne expansion. As soon as Capcom announces any new details about the hefty expansion, we’ll make sure to update this guide straight away.

Source: USGamer