Dr. Mario World is available now for iOS and Android. Nintendo’s latest smartphone game was originally slated to come out on July 10th.

Whether you should pick up the game depends a lot on how faithful you want the experience to be to the original NES game. As we noted in our preview of the game, the new smartphone edition changes a lot about the experience, flipping the game board around and turning the gameplay from an endless experience akin to Tetris to a stage-by-stage puzzle game like Candy Crush.

The game also suffers from the same free-to-play monetization excesses that Nintendo has used in its other mobile titles. It features timers, which limit how much you can play at a time unless you’re willing to pay using in-game currencies, and there are also randomized gacha systems for unlocking new characters, assistants, and upgrading your roster. If you’re used to free-to-play smartphone gaming, then none of this will feel particularly excessive. But you shouldn’t approach Dr. Mario World expecting a similar experience to its console namesake.

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Source: The Verge