Overwatch hero 31 called Sigma, a scientist who controls gravity

Sigma is a kind and brilliant scientist who has been irreparably changed by an experiment gone wrong, gaining the ability to manipulate gravity in the process. During that tragic experiment Sigma sustained serious psychological damage, deemed a threat to humanity, and locked away for years in a secret government facility. He was eventually freed by Talon and used as a living weapon.

Overwatch hero 31 is here and he’s a new tank named Sigma. Sigma is an “eccentric” scientist from the Netherlands whose obsession with astrophysics ended very poorly for him. Now a living weapon, Sigma can control gravity. His unstable mental state led to his incarceration before Talon broke him out, and now he’s using his gravity powers for evil.

These are Sigma’s abilities as revealed this morning by Blizzard:

  • Hyper Spheres: That launches two gravitic charges that implode after a short charge, dealing AOE damage.
  • Experimental Barrier: Sigma can shoot a barrier to any location, then retract it if he chooses.
  • Kinetic Grasp: Converts incoming projectiles into makeshift shields.
  • Accretion: Collects nearby debris then turns them into outgoing projectiles.
  • Gravitic Flux (Ultimate): Sigma lifts enemies in a targeted area and launches them into the sky before slamming them back down into the ground.

Alongside the new moves, Blizzard revealed gameplay details about how Sigma plays. As a tank, Sigma is a heavy hitter that can take plenty of lumps. He lacks mobility, but can generate barriers from a distance, and control choke points by manipulating the area around him.

Sigma’s backstory is still something of a mystery. Yesterday, Blizzard revealed a particularly dark trailer on how Sigma turned from an astrophysicist into a metal-clad weapon. During his research into black holes something went particularly awry. And while we still don’t know what exactly happened to Sigma, it’s clear that he’s not the man he once was.


Source : Overwatch