【Talent of the Month – January 2022 】Paige (USA) – Yesports Talent

【Talent of the Month January 2022 – Paige 】

Happy New Year everyone! Today we proudly announce our YESPORT’s Talent of the Month for January 2022 – Paige!!!

Paige is a dancer born and raised in Oklahoma. Her primary genres are Tap, Hip Hop, and Kpop which incorporates many Hip Hop style. She began dancing at a young age and her passion has just grown since and her dream was always to move New England and become a dancer.

She loves dancing and performing because she loves to be filled with excitement and brighten other’s smiles and dancers could just exchange energies with audience which is something that’s really special. Besides that, she has her own dancing group called the Nova Dance Crew. They are releasing their debut, an upcoming cover this month on 8th.

Stay tuned with us for more updates from her! Please keep an eye out for our latest updates for upcoming events featuring Paige and our talents!

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