【Talent of the Month September 2020-Paul】

Congratulations to our avid streamer, Paul—Yesport’s TALENT OF THE MONTH!!
Paul joined our KartRider Rush+ tournament last month and battled into the FINALs with his spectacular gaming skills!
There will be a series of events featuring Paul in September!

  1. Yesports LIVE streaming giveaway session hosted by Paul
  2. Paul’s personal interview session
  3. Social Media Stickers featuring Paul
  4. Best Buyer LIVE stream in OASIS AVENUE – A GDH HOTEL hosted by Paul
  5. Introduction Video of Paul
  6. Talent of the month hot picks – 10 items will be selected by Paul and will be available on YESPOINT SHOP or Yes Master Store at a discounted price.

Besides gaming, Paul is also a devoted singer, fashionista, photographer, and a passionate film maker!
Stay tuned with us for more upcoming events featuring Paul!