Team GO Rocket invades Pokémon GO!

If you want to collect monsters commonly associated with the villainous Team Rocket, you may want to put on a pair of sneakers and play some Pokémon Go in the next few days. As part of the game’s Team Rocket invasion, you’ll spot monsters like Rattata, Zubat, Magnemite and Meowth (of course) a lot more frequently until August 1st, 1PM Pacific Time. You might even get the chance to catch a Shiny Ekans or a Shiny Koffing. In addition to having a higher spawn rate than usual, you’ll also have a higher chance of hatching those Pokémon from eggs over the next week. Plus, raids will feature monsters significant to the franchise’s baddies.  

Niantic also recently rolled out dark-colored PokéStops invaded by Team Rocket, giving you the option to fight its grunts and restore the stop to its former state. Defeating the grunts also give you the chance to capture a Shadow Pokémon, which you can purify and add to your team. Unfortunately, the invaded PokéStops are proving to be pretty hard to find — hopefully, these new monsters are truly much easier to spot.

Trainers! The world of Pokémon GO is in peril. An organization called Team GO Rocket has invaded PokéStops and is in possession of Shadow Pokémon that behave strangely and seem to be in pain. Team GO Rocket is clearly up to no good, and we need your help! Professor Willow and the team leaders have been hard at work observing and researching these happenings with Team GO Rocket, and they’ve come up with a plan to restore the PokéStops and rescue the Shadow Pokémon! 1. Encounter Team GO Rocket — Spark and Professor Willow have observed Team GO Rocket members hanging out at discolored PokéStops. It appears they’re after the PokéStops’ resources! 2. Battle Team GO Rocket — Once you begin the encounter with a Team GO Rocket Grunt, they’ll challenge you to a battle. We’re counting on you to accept their challenge and defeat them! 3. Catch the Shadow Pokémon — After a successful battle, you’ll have an opportunity to catch a Shadow Pokémon that Team GO Rocket carelessly abandoned. Candela and Professor Willow discovered that these Pokémon look unusual and behave strangely because Team GO Rocket tried to make them stronger through unnatural means. After additional research, Professor Willow has also found that Shadow Pokémon can’t be traded away by the Trainer who rescued them unless they’re Purified first! 4. Purify the Shadow Pokémon — Thanks to all your research, Blanche and Professor Willow have discovered a process called Purification. Not only does Purification help Shadow Pokémon return to a more normal state, but Purified Pokémon can also become stronger than their normal counterparts due to the gratitude they feel toward the Trainer who saved them! We’ll need as many courageous Trainers as possible to help defeat Team GO Rocket Grunts. Keep an eye out, Trainers! It’s time to give everything we’ve got and put an end to Team GO Rocket’s evil plans! —The Pokémon GO team

Source : PokemonGO