“Wolf” Lu egg tyrants smashed the ring, the PlayStation video game stage was full

2019 Taipei International Video Game Show On the first day of the weekend (26), PlayStation ushered in the “SKIRO: Sahadows Die Twice” stage event in the afternoon, FromSoftware Marketing Manager Beiwei Taida Debut and Live Master Lu It’s hard to break the ring with the egg challenge.

FromSoftware’s work in recent years has taken the concept of abusing the heart and dying the lungs. The new work “Wolf” is no exception. This time, at the 2019 Taipei International Game Show, it provides real-life demos, and every day is full of people.

In order to let the players feel the strong action of “Wolf” and the hardships (mistakes), the 26th stage event invites the live master Lu to bring live play to the live show version. Although the hand slip was extinguished all the way, but in the end, the wonderful smashed the ring and won the audience.

“Wolf” Lu egg tyrants smashed the ring, the PlayStation video game stage was full

“Wolf” is shortly closed to show the narrative (not available on site)
The local area is a three-dimensional canyon terrain, the target is Pingtian House, the purpose is to rescue the owner “Qing Zi”.

As is known, there are many places where maps can be moved with hooks. It is recommended to find a height, think about strategy and take action.

The character can swim and won’t drown (super important!).

However, it is a sly character that can be confronted with people, but considering the protagonist is a ninja, it is recommended to take a detour to enter.

Of course, you can’t miss the NPC’s broken speeches along the way, and occasionally collect enemy weaknesses, intelligence and the like. After all, using your own resources to attack, you can get twice the result with half the effort.

Inheriting FromSoftware’s consistent law “Wolf” can not be taken lightly on the fish, it is generally recommended to solve the distance first, is the close distance; on the way to destroy some specific enemies, you can open the map of the dark. of course! In the picture, there will be a bridge that “must” to destroy the designated enemy to advance. Please face the reality.

Something about “Wolf”

Don’t ignore the “bearing hand” of the protagonist’s left hand. This is a fake hand and a special handicraft. As an important tool in the game and a long knife, you can increase your ability through the skill tree. Players can use the tactics of the pros and the long knife at will according to the fighting preferences.

Miyazaki Hideaki reminds everyone that the long knife is good at making gorgeous sniper movements, and those who are willing to delve into the ninja style can do more work on the ninja hand.

After a series of baptisms in the Western Dark Fantasy “Soul Series”, FromSoftware has regained the illusion of a long time in an attempt to bring a different world.

Miyazaki Hideo said that the launch of “Wolf” at this time, on the one hand, after the completion of “Bloodborne” and other works, the attempt to develop “high-mobility operation in three-dimensional maps” thinking, by virtue of this Ninja feature
Create a new world of feng shui that can be handsomely flying around the map.

He added that the so-called “Ninja” of “Wolf” is close to Yamada’s novel “Kaga Naga”, which uses ninja, throws a sword, uses a harness, and also eavesdrops. It is alive. The role of 狠.

Although it is enough for a game that also has a “hidden” system, “FromSoftware” wants to shape the game rhythm of “Wolf” by the “quick battle vs. disappearance”.

“Wolf” has multiple endings, and it is even harder to wait for everyone.

Miyazaki Hideaki confirmed that there are multiple endings in this game, and also predicted that “every outcome has a different meaning.” After the break, it will create even more difficult challenges waiting for everyone.

With a mention…

Although Miyazaki Hideo is also concerned about SpeedRun (or Real Time Attack, RTA), it is not intended to place similar timing mechanisms and transcripts in the “Wolf: Shadow Double Death” system.

He pointed out that the starting point of the game is not to let the player challenge the time, but to have fun in the game, but he admire the RTA players always think of different paths, gameplay, and expect players to spell out unexpected challenges.

Finally, Miyazaki Hideaki, who was hoping to say a word to Taiwanese players, thought that he was “one sentence” and couldn’t help but sell “Wolf” more strongly than the actions of FromSoftware’s past works. A great sense of accomplishment is a product that has been developed within the company.

He said that in the past, the products of the North American and Japanese markets have been developed. This time, it is rare to come to the 2019 Taipei International Game Show and discover the dynamic performance of Taiwan players. I really feel that the development of the game is very happy and will continue to work hard in the future. Finally, I added: “It’s really embarrassing (laughs) to talk a lot about selling your own games.”