【YESPORTS x APRU: Esports Career Webinar Series】

Yesports is collaborating with APRU – Association of Pacific Rim Universities to bring you insight into the world of professional esports. An industry that is expected to have a global value of $1.9 billion next year. We will be inviting leading esports experts for this exciting webinar series, which will explore what esports is all about and what you need to know to understand this industry.

Meet some leading professionals in esports, who will talk about their work and tell you about the possibilities, new career paths, and how to get started.
Whether it’s staging global events, broadcasting major league games, marketing sells out arenas, developing brand partnerships, or securing the huge financial investments required to operate in this industry. Our panel is ready to answer all your questions.

Esports Career Webinar Series:

  1. Career Plan For Young Gamers
  2. Esports Player Contracts: Common Clauses And Potential Legal Issues
  3. Esports Marketing Strategies

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