【YESPORTS Summer International Virtual Music Fiesta】

July 15th, 2021

Yesports Summer International Virtual Music Fiesta

In light of the previous success of the International Virtual Music Fiesta, Yesports is glad to introduce our sequel online music concert “Yesports Summer International Virtual Music Fiesta” on 25th July (Saturday), 2021. The concert is scheduled to stream at 4:00pm (GMT +8) on social media platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch.

The aim of the last concert was to unite people in difficult times during pandemic, and now we are ready to take it to the next level. We hope music not just unify us, but also strive for greatness in unprecedented circumstances. Positive vibes can always be brought by music. Hopefully, it can ignite us even in this situation.

“Yesports Summer International Virtual Music Fiesta” invites singers from around the globe together to perform in this concert.  20+ singers and talents from Australia, USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, Canada, Austria, Philippines, United Kingdom, France, India, Guatemala and more locations will be attending this worldwide show. Every singer will be presenting themselves to the audience and their performances will be streamed during the concert. Hence, all of us can feel their passion towards music. With performances in different styles and gimmicks, which certainly will have a show suitable for any audience’s taste.

The “Yesports Summer International Virtual Music Fiesta” is an event held online where all audience are welcome to cast their votes on singers that deserve awards as stated below:

1.       Award for best visual effect – best set-up and background

2.       Best solo artist – best solo singing performance

3.       Best Duo/group performance –best duo/group singing performance

4.       Popularity award – best interaction with audience

5.       Best stage presence award – best stage presence

6.       Best sound mixing award – best sound mixing

7.       Most eye-catching award – award for the highest number of views during their session of live stream

8.       Favorite singer award

From July 25 until August 8, music lovers can head to this voting link [https://www.yesportstalents.com/summer-music-fiesta-2021] to show some love and support for their favorite singers or bands.  After the votes are tallied, Yesports will announce the winner for each award as voted by audience. There are many brilliant music talents around the world, and it’s time to show them some support. See you all soon!

For more information, please visit: https://www.yesportstalents.com/summer-music-fiesta-2021

You can find further details for our talents, upcoming webinars and events on Yesport’s Facebook page:


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