【YESPORTS x APRU – Association of Pacific Rim Universities : Esports Career Webinar Series – Marketing Strategies in Esports】

Sponsoring contracts and financial support are usually one of the biggest steps for young esport players and streamers. Sponsors can often be used as a springboard to international success, making them essential for a professional career.
Finding sponsors for yourself or your team will require a lot of patience and thousands of emails. But don’t despair—finding sponsors is not an entirely impossible task, especially if you can demonstrate your results, quality content and a high level of engagement. Our panel is ready to answer all your questions.
Date: 28th July, 2021 (Wed)
Time: 11am (GMT +8)
Presenters Information:
Aiman Arabain was a student-leader during his college days and has founded his passion for gaming and esports during the time of pandemic, He reached his milestone on his Facebook page for reaching 8000 followers and counting for being a content creator to a leader of his very own esports organization that handles esports athletes, streamers, and casters to #LeadTheCharge not only in the Philippine local scene but also the international scene.
Kamilla Sumagui is a team owner of The Refuge Esports and formerly PH Bandits. She was also the managing director of the United Clan Leaders Alliance Philippines, an esports organization that brings together PUBG Mobile Clan Leaders and their teams, event managers, and streamers, at the same time the community manager for PUBG Mobile Esports in the Philippines.
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